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Orthopedic trauma

is one of the key specialist orthopedic trauma hospital, and currently offers 45 beds, medical staff of more than 20 people, including three senior physicians have talent echelon reasonable structure, strong technical force.
Currently, orthopedic trauma formed AO (International Association of fixation) concept for the mainstream principles of internal fixation, fracture fixation techniques to enhance carried out intramedullary fixation of long bone fracture, hip fracture fixation power, nearly fixed within the complex intra-articular fractures of the calcaneus fractures, high-energy trauma fractures opened up, C-arm fluoroscopy-guided closed reduction and fixation limb fracture fixation, and severe, treatment of complex pelvic, acetabular fractures and multiple fractures achieved good effect, the leading domestic level.

Orthopaedic Technology Introduction
a, spine surgery
Cervical: between anterior discectomy and fusion corpectomy reconstruction. Posterior single, double door frame Halvo-Vest surgery for cervical spine fractures
thoracic, lumbar: spinal stenosis; various types of disc herniation; fracture short-segment pedicle screws; various parts of the spinal canal tumor removal surgery.
two, joint orthopedic surgery:
to carry out artificial hip and knee arthroplasty and hip arthroplasty, joint application types; includes two categories of domestic and imported, choose different types of joints for different patients.
three, orthopedic trauma:
● front column acetabular fractures open reduction and reconstruction plate; ● GSS fixation with pedicle of vertebral fractures;
● trochanteric fracture DHS, r- nail clinical application; ● RF column fixation with pedicle of vertebral fractures;
● tibial plateau support plate; ● delayed surgical treatment of children with forearm fractures;
● steel leg anatomy clinical applications; ● clinical application of autologous bone graft substitute periosteum;
● femur, tibia and femur locking intramedullary nail retrograde intramedullary nailing of clinical applications; ● Integrative treatment of various types of osteomyelitis;