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Introduction to Wenzhou Donghua Hospital (Wenzhou Hand & Foot Surgery Hospital)

   Founded in 2004, Wenzhou Donghua Hospital (Wenzhou Hand & Foot Surgery Hospital) is a new-type modernized special hospital, integrating health care, teaching, research, and rehabilitation as a whole, and also the first hospital in Zhejiang Province professional in hand & foot surgery, orthopedic trauma, and microsurgery, which was developed and constructed according to Grade III standards for orthopaedic special hospital. Hands & foot surgery is listed as a key medical discipline in Wenzhou City, orthopedic surgery is a featured clinical discipline among non-public medical institutions in Zhejiang; the Hospital has been listed as one of medical institutions designated by basic medical insurance system, work injury insurance system, medical insurance system for urban and rural residents, as well as various commercial insurance companies.   

   The Hospital is equipped with 350 beds, covering a building area of ​​15,000 square meters, and it has established a long-term cooperative relationship with Shanghai Huashan Hospital, Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, PLA Traumatic Orthopedics Center and other well-known hospitals. A number of its techniques are pioneered in Wenzhou, and have reached the advanced level nation-wide. Since 2009, the Hospital has gradually expanded its service capabilities, newly set up internal medicine department, gynecology department, rehabilitation department, physical examination department, hemodialysis department, plastic surgery department and other departments, thereby providing more comprehensive treatment and health care services for general public. In November 2013, the Hospital was upgraded to a general hospital, and released its first name “Wenzhou Donghua Hospital.”

   Over more than ten years of continuous development and growth, the Hospital has established a highly professional and responsible technical team, with strong comprehensive strength, and accumulated a certain visibility and influence in China.

   In recent years, the Hospital has published many articles in “Chinese Journal of Hand Surgery”, “Chinese Journal of Microsurgery”, “Chinese Journal of Plastic Surgery”, “Chinese Journal of Modern Medicine”, “Practical Hand Surgery” and other journals, has been invited to participate in national, ministerial or provincial academic symposiums, in addition, it has held the first conference of hand surgery in Wenzhou City successfully, expert seminar of the Chinese Medical Association Hand Surgery Branch, such the events are highly praised by domestic and foreign counterparts /experts.

   The Hospital’s ambulances are ready for service at any time, and professional doctors provide outpatient, first aid and consultation service via hotline around 24 hours, under the service purpose of “patient-first, people-oriented”, thereby meeting patients’ needs for treatment, recuperation, and rehabilitation.

  Hospital Address: Wenzhou grapes shed Road 39 (opposite the Lucheng District Procuratorate)

  Tel: 0577-88021111  400-600-5562

  Getting There:

  Take 19/32/35/39/50/53/61/64/74/118/127/128/501 grapes and roads to shed stop to walk 200 meters to the alley. Take 59/60/93/107/108 Road to wuqiao Station (IRS building) and get off to the alley after walking 200 meters.